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About Us

Most client always consider lower price precast products since they do not know the real quality of products that they are going to use for their projects. Disappointments will then arise after they realized that the quality of the precast products which they purchased is the main cause of the damage of their building .

Considering the difficulties in finding high quality precast concrete products in the market,PT Beton Prima Indonesia (BPI) was established in 2010 to provide wide range of precast concrete products for serving the requirement of construction market. BPI's factory is located in Bangsal - Mojosari, East Java . With an occupying area of 10 HA and equipped with modern facilities & equipments,BPI could fulfill the need of the clients who only want the best products for their projects.

In order to meet customer's satisfaction, PT Beton Prima Indonesia uses manufacturing process according national and international standard specifications ,such as:
Standard Nasional Indonesia : SNI-03-2874-2002
American Society of Testing Materials : ASTM
Japanese Institute Standards : JIS
British Standards Institute : BIS
American Concrete Institute : ACI
Prestressed Concrete Institute Design Handbook

Before delivering the products into the market ,BPI's products shall pass a very tight testing control to confirm that only prime quality products could be delivered and the defect products will be rejected and demolished . Besides manufacturing standard products, BPI also could manufacture special products as required by the customers , such as :

an imageStandard Products
- PC Spun Piles (Ø 250 to Ø 600)
- PC Square Piles (20/20 to 50/50)
- PC Flat Sheet Piles
- PC Corrugated Sheet Piles

Special Products
- PC I Girders
- PC Beam & Columns, PC Half Pipes
- PC U Ditch & Drainage Pipes
- PC Wall Panel
- PC Floor Slabs
- Other client's requirement

PT. Beton Prima Indonesia is Committed to His Vision & Mission
in order to be Quality & Accuracy Trusted Precast Concrete Company