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PC Flat Sheet Piles

PC Flat Sheet Piles are commonly applied in deep excavation project to protect slope failure.

- Prime Quality and Durability
BPI's flat sheet piles are produced under strict quality control resulting a very dense and uniformly mixed concrete with prime quality in strength and durability
- Accurate Dimension
BPI's flat sheet piles are made in precision molds to ensure the eccuracy of product dimension
- Easy Stacking
Similarity on shape and dimension makes the products easy to stack and arrange on trucks or on site
- High Bending Moment resistance
The dimensions and reinforcements of BPI's flat sheet piles are produced from the requirement of designed bending moment and the permitted lateral deflection

Specification of Materials






JIS A 1108-1985

JIS A1132-1985

NI 2-PBI 1971

Method of making and curing Concrete

Method of test Compressive

Strength of Concrete

Indonesian National standard


Compressive Strength 28 days

500 kg /cm 2( cube test )

/42,3MPa (cylinder test )



ASTM C33-1985

NI 2-PBI 1971

Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates Indonesian Concrete codes







SII 0013- 1981

Mutu dan Cara Uji Semen Portland

Standard Product Type I Type II
or Type V






ASTM C 494-1985

Standard Specification for Chemical Admixture for Concrete

Type A : Water reducing Admixture





PC Wire/Strand

JIS G3565-1984

Uncoated Stress Relieve Steel





Reinforced bar

JIS G3112- 1985

Steel Bar for Reinforcement

SD 40

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